Saturday, July 7th, 2018

8PM (Doors open at 7PM)

Westminster Hall at Belle Grove Square - 17 Bond Street, Westminster

Bring CASH to tip the queens!

CASH ONLY drinks bar

Light food provided

A Westminster Pride Drag Extravaganza Event welcoming the immense talents of...

Philadelphia's Queen of Comedy - BEV

DC's Dancing Diva - Whitney GucciGoo

Baltimore Drag Wars Winner - Nikki Coxx

Washington DC Drag Wars Winner - Abbi Kadabra

Painted Diva - Kit Valentine

Local Legend - FeeBee Fox

...and more!

100% LGBTQ+ | Donate with PRIDE!
We're giving it back to our community! Any and ALL profits that may be made from the Shantay You Stay! Westminster Pride Drag Show will support LGBTQ+ organizations and individuals! If you'd like to make a donation to help PFLAG-Westminster cover the costs associated with this Pride event, please click HERE!
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Westminster Pride Parking Information
Coming from out of town? Click HERE to view information about public parking in downtown Westminster.
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Handicap Accessible
Westminster Hall at Belle Grove Square is handicap accessible (please use the Green St. entrance) and it contains a handicap-accessible bathroom.
Trans inclusive
This Westminster Pride event is trans-inclusive and our venue contains a gender-neutral bathroom.


This PFLAG-Sponsored Westminster Pride Event is also Sponsored or Supported by these remarkable LGBTQ+ organizations, and our Straight Allies:

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Ting - Westminster Pride Sponsor

Friendly Body Product - Westminster Pride Sponsor
Friendly Body Product - A "RAINBOW DREAMS" SPONSOR
Brother Help Thyself - Westminster Pride Sponsor
Brother Help Thyself - An "OUTstanding" SPONSOR
Maryland Cannabis Physicians - Westminster Pride Sponsor

Maryland Cannabis Physicians - An "OUTstanding" SPONSOR
Healthcare is a Human Right - Maryland (Carroll County) - Westminster Pride Sponsor
Healthcare is a Human Right - Maryland - Carroll County (SPONSOR)
Rape Crisis Intervention Service of Carroll County - Westminster Pride Sponsor
Rape Crisis Intervention Service of Carroll County (SPONSOR)
Carroll County Democratic Central Committee - Westminster Pride Sponsor
Carroll County Democratic Central Committee (SPONSOR)
Carroll CAN - Westminster Pride Sponsor
Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches - Westminster Pride Supporter
Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches
Open and Affirming Coalition United Church of Christ - Westminster Pride Supporter
The national Open and Affirming Coalition of the United Church of Christ
LGBT Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care - Westminster Supporter
LGBT Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care
Sacred Space Online Learning - Westminster Pride Supporter
Sacred Space Online Learning
National LGBTQ Task Force - Westminster Pride Supporter
National LGBTQ Task Force
Aids United - Westminster Pride Supporter
Aids United
GMHC - Westminster Pride Supporter
Bisexual Resource Center - Westminster Pride Supporter
Bisexual Resource Center
Family and Children Services of Maryland - Westminster Pride Supporter
Family and Children Services (MD - Carroll County)
McDaniel College Allies - Westminster Pride Supporter
McDaniel College Allies
Gay and Straight Alliance - Westminster High School - Westminster Pride Supporter
Gay and Straight Alliance - Westminster High School
PFLAG - Columbia/Howard County - Westminster Pride Supporter
PFLAG - Columbia/Howard County
Campus Pride - Westminster Pride Supporter
Campus Pride (national)

Thank you to our Individual Sponsors!


WE'RE SORRY FOLKS! There are no tickets left for sale for the PFLAG-Westminster "Shantay You Stay" Westminster Pride Drag Extravaganza! Due to the OVERWHELMING online interest in this event, it became clearly evident over the past few days that there would be substantially more people interested than we could possibly accommodate. In order to alleviate mass disappointment on the actual evening of the event, we felt we had to offer pre-sale tickets online. The show was completely sold out in less than 24 hours! We recognize that our decision to sell tickets online was one that some of you might not have had the opportunity to see on our website, Westminster Pride Facebook wall, or on the Shantay You Stay A Westminster Pride Extravaganza Facebook event. We're truly sorry if you were unable to make a purchase!!! Please know that we learned a lot as we created this first-ever PRIDE event for our community, and we'll only be doing it bigger and better next time!

Remembering our Mother: How Drag Queen Marsha P. Johnson Gave Birth to the LGBTQ+ Pride Movement

Photo: From the documentary "The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnshon" Netflix

Marsha P. Johnson was a transgender activist, drag queen, and Stonewall riot instigator whose flamboyance and willingness to be herself made her a founder of the LGBTQ+ community.

Marsha made her way during a time when many Americans thought being gay meant there was something wrong with you. The belief that homosexuality constituted an illness that needed to be cured was a popular view held by the media, religious bodies, medical professionals, and civic authorities. It was equally a time of discrimination and hate against African Americans in our country as many white people believed black people were inferior, bad, and less-than; and they sought to preserve a complex system that meant to segregate persons of color.

In her own simple, dignified way, Marsha was able to find a way to deal with these layers of stigma. She dressed as she wanted to dress, she held her head high, and she presented herself in a way that was brave, inspirational and freeing.  For this, she became a cherished and familiar face on Christopher Street in New York. She was called a patron saint, "holy" and "angel" for the glow and kindness she displayed.

If it was only for her creativity, bravery, and kindness Marsha likely would not be remembered, but she was also a part of something bigger than herself, something that culminated on June 28th, 1969, in the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village.

Stonewall Inn was a bar on Christopher Street that catered to the gay community, where a gay kid or runaway or any member of the LGBT community could go and feel safe and accepted. At 3AM one morning, however, the police raided the Stonewall Inn for serving liquor without a license, among other violations.

The police were legally justified in raiding the bar, but for the gay community, who had been feeling pressure from the police for months as bar after bar was targeted and shut down, this was the final straw. A violent riot that spilled out onto the streets ensued.

Many who were present recall the role Marsha played in the riots that night and, among the LGBTQ community, it was widely reported that Martha was the one who started the riots. "Marsha said 'I got my civil rights," then threw a shotglass into a mirror, and that started the whole thing," reported David Carter, activist and author of Stonewall: The Riots that Sparked the Gay Revolution. "It became known as the shotglass heard around the world!"

What became known as the Stonewall riot was followed by several days of demonstrations in New York and was the driving factor behind the formation of the Gay Liberation Front and many LGBTQ organizations. It is regarded by many as the first demonstration on behalf of gay rights and the beginning of a radical mass movement in the fight for LGBTQ acceptance and legitimacy.

And it all began from the courageous heart of a drag queen who stood up to the heterosexist system in power and said "no more!"

From Year of Women in History and Wikipedia




Can’t Wait for Westminster Pride? Celebrate 2018 LGBTQ+ Pride Month

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